The Sentricon ® System

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Termites are wise. You’re smarter with The Sentricon System.

sentricon termite colony eliminationTermites have actually survived since the days of the dinosaurs. The queen and king produce a stable stream of offspring. Workers find food sources and bring it back to the rest of the colony. Soldiers safeguard the nest. Reproductives develop new colony participants, and swarmers leave the nest to begin new ones. To keep points running perfectly, termites use specialized chemical signals. These chemical substance signals not simply lead workers to good meals sources however likewise alert if there is a risk.

Sentricon, Sentricon System

With an alluring cellulose compound termites favor even more than timber, the Sentricon® System is clever science and an ally in helping you damage your enemy. The Sentricon® System with Always Active Technology is clever science. Sentricon beats termites at their own game. They feed easily on it however never ever discover the danger– not also while the copyrighted energetic element is removing their capacity to consume, breed or endure. They never ever catch on. The outcome is death to the queen and her nest.   It’s state-of-the-art.

Sentricon takes the battle to the nest much better compared to liquid insecticides by eliminating the colony and the queen. And it’s the initial and simply termite product to be awarded the Presidential Green Chemistry Award by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.   Specialist support. Unequaled outcomes. Expert outcomes are guaranteed by your Certified Sentricon Specialist who has been qualified to utilize Sentricon to remove and avoid termite assault. She or he will keep a ring and set up of Sentricon terminals around your residence.Your Certified Sentricon Specialist will certainly shield your house from termites.You obtain the assurance that originates from the No. 1 brand in termite security and continuous protection. Your Certified Sentricon Specialist will preserve your residence security conveniently and skillfully.

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Home examinations:

  • Determine plumbing leaks for repair work.
  • Recommend removing wood particles, papers and excess wetness in crawl spaces and basements that could foster invasions.
  • Identify signs of energetic termite strike, such as mud tubes, discarded insect wings and/or live termites.

Professional recommendations might include:

  • Install hedges, mulch and other landscaping at least 2 feet from the structure.
  • Eliminate or reduce lumber compost.
  • Keep wooden fencings, planter boxes and various other wood items at the very least 2 feet from the foundation.
  • Pile firewood and scrap lumber well away from your home. Make certain there is at least a 6-inch gap in between the ground and the bottom of stucco or various other home siding.
  • Ensure lumber actions, lattice work and door structures are not touching dirt.
  • Area sprinkler systems more than 2 feet from the foundation and make sure they do not wet the wall surfaces.
  • Divert air-conditioner condensation; sump release and other water away from the structure of your home.
  • Slope soil far from your house so surface water drainages conveniently.
  • Keep rain gutters and downspouts and keep splash blocks in place.

If you are redesigning:

  • Use treated lumber to dissuade termites.
  • Ensure lumber scraps or wood are not stashed in backfill.
  • Install Sentricon stations around the new construction.

Sentricon, Sentricon Colony Elimination System, Termites, Sentricon Certified SpecialistTo keep their colony running perfectly, termites utilize specialized chemical signals. Sentricon beats termites at their own game. Special results are guaranteed by Reynolds Pest Management, Inc., your Certified Sentricon Specialist of the Sentricon® System which has been qualified to utilize Sentricon to do away with and stop termite assault. Your Certified Sentricon Specialist will safeguard your home from termites. You obtain the peace of mind that comes from the No. 1 brand in termite security.