How to Get Rid of Roaches Naturally (No Harsh Chemicals)

We are all familiar with this scenario: we’re relaxing in the house, and we suddenly see some movement out of the corner of our eye. We look over and – eek! – a cockroach! Then we grab for a shoe, a book, or whatever is nearest. And this starts the cat-and-mouse chase. We try and […]

The Ultimate Guide to Attic Pest Control

Let’s face it, as cute as some creatures are, you probably don’t want them rumbling through your attic, right? The problem is, once you let them in the first time they get rather cozy and don’t want to leave. If you don’t use the right cleaning methods you’ll get rid of them once and then […]

How to Get Rid of Rats in Your Yard

There are few things worse than looking out the window to admire your garden just to see some rats hanging around the yard. Once you have a rat infestation outside, it’s only a matter of time before they start creeping their way inside the house. Once they infest your home, you’re likely to spend up […]

8 Tips for Cleaning a Messy Attic

Do you want to prevent pests from setting up shop in your messy attic? The most effective way to do it is by cleaning out your attic to keep it free from clutter. When you take this step, you’ll give pests fewer places to hide and stop them from becoming a big problem within your […]

What do Termites Look Like and Other Termite Questions Answered

Termites cost American homeowners an estimated $2 billion a year. If you think you might have termites you need to move quickly to prevent major damage. Many people though can’t answer the question what do termites look like. Read this guide to find out how to identify termites, termite damage, and to figure out when […]

Scabies Vs Bed Bugs- What’s the Difference?

They both look alike, bite humans, and can be transmitted through clothing or bedding. We’re talking about scabies and bed bugs, two nasty types of critters that many people confuse because of their similarities. Their presence in a home can disrupt one’s general well being and once you’ve encountered one or both of these pests, […]

How Short to Cut Grass and Other Florida Grass Cutting Tips

Ah, a summer in Florida is unlike anything else. Just picture it – enjoying a cold glass of lemonade on your front lawn, sitting on a sun chair, soaking up the rays. A nice picture isn’t it? That is unless your grass is overgrown and your lawn looks more like a jungle than anything else. […]

Top 5 Dangerous Mosquito Viruses and How to Avoid Them

When it comes to irritating pests, mosquitoes are among the worst. Not only do they leave an itchy, unpleasant bite, they can transmit viruses that can be very problematic. Dangerous mosquito viruses can be spread through their bites, so avoiding these pests is important. If you’re concerned about mosquito-borne diseases, we’re here to help. We’ve […]

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