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Attic Insulation Benefits

As a Florida based environmental services company, Reynolds Pest Management, Inc. understands the importance of having a quality attic insulation services with a bonus pest protection barrier that keeps your home energy efficient with the high heat we encounter year long. Reynolds Pest provides both needs to homeowners in Florida with one service! Offering their pest control cellulose insulation service, many Florida residents can take advantage of this service and make their home pest free and energy efficient at the same time.


Cellulose Insulation Services of Florida

Cellulose insulation is a loose fill type of building insulation that is produced from recycled timber items, principally newspaper, for usage in various blown in applications such as attic rooms as well as wall surface cavities. The product is chemically treated making it resistant to fungi growth and fire retardant.  There are three types of Cellulose Insulation available to homeowners. However the best cellulose insulation to have applied or sprayed within your attics and wall voids is the Supreme Plus. The Attic Insulation Services we offer not only allows for your home to be more energy efficient or the needed protection from fire with the built in fire retardant, it also is treated with insecticide called Zone Protection killings pests such as carpenter ants or roaches.

Cellulose Insulation

Types of Cellulose Insulation for Insulating an Attic


Advantage is a premium quality cellulosic insulation utilized in new building or retrofit markets. Advantage is created to be blown dry or with moisture added into attics. Advantage has a combination of boric acid and also ammonium sulfate as the fire retardant and passes both critical radiant flux as well as smoldering combustion tests. Advantage meets the requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), 16CFR1209, 1404 and ASTM C739. Advantage is a Class 1 or Class A structure product based upon examinations according to ASTM E84.


Supreme is a high quality cellulosic insulation made use of in new construction or retrofit markets. Supreme is created to be blown dry or with moisture added into attics or walls. Supreme has boric acid as the fire retardant and also passes both critical radiant flux and also smoldering combustion tests. Supreme satisfies the needs of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), 16CFR1209, 1404 and ASTM C739. Supreme is a Class 1 or Class A building product based upon examinations according to ASTM E84.

Supreme Plus

The cellulose insulation is treated with an insecticide called Zone Protection ®. Zone Defense ® additive eliminates particular insects that could ruin or infest insulation, such as roaches, carpenter ants, silverfish and darkling beetles. The blow-in cellulose insulation aids empty gaps and spaces that may be left by other various insulation products, producing an energy-saving, thermal covering that helps to provide a more energy-efficient home and lower air leakages. The addition of cellulose attic insulation will also help diminish noises from outside coming in, leaving your home quiet.

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Which Cellulose Insulation is Best

Among all the specialist who provide cellulose insulation services agree that the best cellulose insulation to have is the Supreme Plus Cellulose Insulation. Why? This type is pretreated with pesticides, call the Zone Protection that will eliminate possibilities of pest infestations. The Cellulose Insulation provides an incredible protection of air leaks and increases the home’s energy efficiency greatly.


Beside from having a more energy efficient home, having a cellulose insulation applied within your attic or wall voids will help prevent pest. Think of it as a form of built in pest control services. Cellulose Insulation is treated with borates that create a pest control barrier and also prevention of mold or fungi growth.

Why Do I need more insulation?

Having the correct amount of insulation recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is best. Many homes built or have been built many years ago typically lack the recommended amount of insulation. Insulation is very important in allowing your home to be energy efficient. Having insulation is a great way to allow your energy bill to decrease.

Reducing your Energy Bill with Attic Insulation Services

Typically a single home can have their energy bill reduced by up to 20% according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Heat will become blocked outside the home during warm summer months and in winter trapped within avoiding loss of heat through voids and gaps. The Supreme Plus Cellulose Insulation is designed to keep you home comfortable year long.

Insulation 20% saving

Other Benefits of having Supreme Plus Cellulose

Several programs exist within Florida as well as other states when it comes to Cellulose Insulation. For examples some programs allow for certain efficiency loans, rebates, and tax credits. To search for programs you may qualify for with cellulose insulation click here: Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency®

Florida Attic Insulation Services Cellulose Service Providers

insulation contractorsFlorida homeowners can rely on Reynolds Pest Management, Inc to receive the facts about Cellulose Insulation as well as having your home inspected to determine the course of action needed to apply Cellulose Insulation in your attic or wall voids. The family operated company has serviced homes and businesses within Florida for over 25 years and holds all licensing, certifications, and knowledge to effectively apply Cellulose Insulation within your Florida home.

Having pest control insulation added to a home by Reynolds Pest will provide many benefits the homeowner. Cellulose Insulation treated with pest control products is highly recommended for all homes and buildings in Florida. Florida attics encounter several types of pests that can become a huge nuisance to the homeowner. Pest Control Insulation will help control the pests found within the attic at the same time as making your home more energy efficient.

Reynolds Pest Management, Inc is eager to help families and homeowners with ensuring their home to be more energy efficient saving hundreds to thousands of dollars a year in energy bills including making homes pest free. Call to have your attic inspected to determine if your home has the correct and recommended amount of insulation. At this time of inspection your certified pest operator can also inspect to determine if your home is susceptible to pest or rodent outbreaks. Call to have your free inspection scheduled today, (844) 326-3100.

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