Recognizing the Difference Between Termites and Flying Ants


We have all viewed ants in our life time. Ants could be found inside your home, outdoors, on plants, in our yards as well as in flower or vegetable yard. There are various types of ants in the United States but they all have one point in typical: the classic head, abdominal area, thorax sections […]

Mosquito Chikungunya Virus Expert Warns Public

mosquito control florida

Mosquito Borne Disease Spreading Move over West Nile infection, mosquitoes are carrying a Chikungunya virus infection that has actually hit surrounding states. There are 4 confirmed cases of mosquito borne Chikungunya in Missouri. While there are none in Arkansas yet, entomologists advise of the infection. Dr. Tanja McKay, a teacher of entomology at Arkansas State University, […]

Pest Control Service -To Keep Unwanted Pests at Bay

Maintenance of your Home, lawn or office becomes a big hassle because of the amount of ants and fleas that comes out of somewhere. So you should hire a pest management company that provides ant control Florida and Flea control Florida services on the following grounds: • The company ought to offer effective services that […]

Tick, Flea, Ant Control South Florida

tick control, ant control. flea control

Tick, Flea, Ant Control South Florida Season Here Being a resident in South Florida, tick flea, ant control services are rendered right at your home and with utmost benefit; many thanks to the professional Reynolds Pest Management Inc that has actually made insect control in Florida a very easy job. Ticks, Fleas and also ants […]

Mosquito Misting South Florida

Mosquito Misting South Florida

Mosquito Misting South Florida If your legs are already loaded with mosquito bites, you’re not the only one. Mosquito misting by local professionals is a start. Many people assume the mosquitoes are the worst when it’s hottest. The rule of thumb is when it’s drizzling and there is water, that’s when they’re breeding. The more they reproduce, the […]

Mosquito Control South Florida – Chikungunya Infection Facts

Mosquito Misting South Florida

Mosquito Control South Florida | Chikungunya Infection – Chikungunya spreads out quick and also transmits from individuals to mosquitoes as well as the other way around. A contaminated American tourist that has actually returned residence could send the infection to a regional mosquito. Consequently, the neighborhood mosquito transfers the infection to even more individuals, enhancing the risk of […]

Reynolds Pest Management Earns 2014 Angie’s List Super Service Award

Reynolds Angie's List 2014 Award

Award reflects company’s high level of  pest management customer service Reynolds Pest Management, Inc, main headquarters in Port Saint Lucie Florida is proud to announce their recent award through Angie’s List, the “Super Service Award” for pest control, mosquito misting, fertilization, and lawn care. This specific award is the highest ranked award presented to only […]

Florida Mosquito Control | Mosquito Misting Systems

Mosquito Isolated on White 2

Reynolds Florida Mosquito Control Reynolds Florida Mosquito Control a leader in Florida mosquito control and mosquito misting systems, is recommending individuals, specifically those who live in warmer locations, to begin the battle versus mosquitos as early as March this year. Aggressive steps versus mosquitos are stimulated by reports in 2014, of a huge number of West Nile virus […]

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