Annual Termite Inspections in Florida

Annual Termite Inspections in Florida by Reynolds Pest Management, Inc. Florida is a state of high humidity leading to high amounts of termite infestations in wooded structures and homes. Termites are extremely difficult to determine if they are active in the home or a structure. The best way to prevent your home from becoming attacked […]

Protecting your Turf Grass this Winter

Florida St. Augustine Susceptible to Fungus and Lawn Pests in Winter Months St. Augustine grass is a warm-season, quick-growing turf grass used abundantly in Florida. It grows best with well drained soils. This type of turf grass can easily be effected by cooler weather experienced in the state. A common occurrence with St. Augustine and […]

How to Prevent Holiday Pest Outbreaks

Reynolds Pest Management, Inc Helps Homeowners Prevent Pests and Rodents this Holiday Season The holiday season is not a time to be worrying about pests or rodents. The season about enjoying good times with family or friends and making memories.However, the colder weather typically leads to a pest or rodent infestation. Taking precautions before the […]

Florida Pest and Rodent Proofing Advice

Reynolds Pest Management, Inc Shares Pest and Rodent Proofing Advice As the weather begins to become cooler, homeowners need to be more aware of the possible pest and rodent threats. Many small pests will begin to seek warm temperatures inside your home. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) advises homeowners of the importance that pest-proofing […]

Cockroaches Lead to Allergic Reactions

Cockroach Allergens Cockroaches are a leading cause in allergic reactions in people who suffer from allergies. Is not a common subject talked about so very few people know the fact that cockroaches have allergens. Reynolds Pest Management, Inc shares the facts with the public. Just how do Cockroaches Lead to Allergic Reactions Roach allergens (compounds […]

Common Pests Encountered in Florida’s Fall Weather

Common Pests Encountered in Florida’s Fall Weather Fall in Florida is a time to watch for specific pests that tend to infest homes or buildings. Reynolds Pest Management, Inc discusses the commonly encountered pests within homes throughout Florida. Rats and Mice Rodent control and prevention need to be your primary fall concern, as mice and […]

Hotel Businesses and Reputations Damaged in 3 Ways by Pests

Hotel Businesses and Reputations Damaged in 3 Ways by Pests In a recent survey through STR, in April 2015 the hotel industry has encountered the highest demand of rooms ever noted. Over 99.4 million people in April have occupied a hotel room. The increase of hotel occupancy and traveling among individuals increases the amount of […]

Vital Rodent Inspections for Floridians during Cooler Weather

Rodent Inspections for Homes and Businesses The winter will bring in numerous unwanted pests, but worst mice and rats too! Rodents endure in temperature levels of 60-90 degrees and in Florida we commonly see freezing temps. Rodents contain rats, mice, and also squirrels. What exactly categorizes them as a rodent are their constantly growing teeth. […]

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