Mosquito Prevention

Florida Mosquito Season Summer has officially arrived and the mosquitoes are on full speed ahead to your home and backyard. This season, Reynolds Pest Management, Inc. is here to help save your summer days with tips and prevention services for mosquitoes. Summer months are when we encounter high populations of mosquitoes. Especially with heavy rainfall […]

HOA Community Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control Protecting HOA Communities Mosquito Control is more common than before among several counties throughout the states. Until lately, mosquitoes have been a huge topic in the news. Currently the United States is under a Zika Virus warning which is a mosquito-borne virus. Beside from the Zika Virus, other mosquito-borne viruses are present as […]

Pesticide Resistant Whiteflies Destroying Florida Crops

New Whitefly Bemisia Tabaci in South Florida South Florida is encountering a new species of whiteflies. Currently in Palm Beach there are 2 biotypes of the emerging whitefly, Biotype Q and Biotype B. Both are referred to as the Bemisia tabaci whitefly. Several landscapes in Palm Beach have been encountered with the biotype Q whitefly […]

Ant Control Season

Florida Ant Season Summer is here and the ants have begun marching right into our yards and homes. Ant activity increases dramatically in the warmer months. Protecting your home from invading ants, a routine pest control service is recommended. Homeowners may encounter several types of ants this season both indoors and outside. Ant Control Treating […]

Pest Control Miami Florida

Pest Control Miami Florida A stunning place to stay in Miami Florida yet the area is over inhabited with undesirable pests. The area is a dreamland for all pests and also rats. Nonetheless, all homes in Miami deal with the same pest issues and threats. This has increased the need for pest control in Miami, […]

Excessive Rain Leading to More Mosquitoes

Heavy Mosquito Population after Rain More showers are to come here on  the Treasure Coast and South Florida. Flooding and power outages are not the only concern this time of year. Mosquitoes and their diseases that they carry are more of a risk than ever especially with the Zika Virus spreading rapidly. The more rain […]

Zika Virus in Martin County Florida

Zika Virus Case Confirmed in Martin County, FL Governor Rick Scott has issued a Declaration of Public Health Emergency for 17 counties in Florida. The newest county in Florida under this Emergency Warning is Martin County. The CDC released this morning the counties first case of the Zika Virus. The other 16 counties issued with […]

South Florida Ants

South Florida Ants At some point of living in South Florida, you have encountered an ant of some type. There are many types of ant species found in Miami-Dade and other South Florida regions. Without the proper prevention and treatment, they will be very difficult to eliminate. Most Common Types of Ants in South Florida […]

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