Mosquito Control in Florida

Controlling Mosquitoes in Florida We should all be aware by now the new mosquito borne virus, the Zika Virus. The Zika Virus is a pathogen spread to humans through the bite of an infected mosquito. There are nine confirmed Zika Virus cases so far in Florida. This is a dangerous virus for younger children as well […]

Zika Virus | Preventing Mosquitoes

Mosquito Borne Viruses | Zika Virus Mosquitoes are being closely monitored in the United States due to their threats of several types of diseases. In fact Mosquitoes are considered to be classified as a very dangerous insect. The National Pest Management Association is keeping a close eye on the pest and the areas of outbreaks […]

The Importance of Termite Inspections in Florida

Reynolds Pest Management, Inc Encourages Annual Termite Inspections Termite inspections are ultimately the key to save a home from destruction from termites. Each year every home in Florida should be inspected for termite activity. Catching the termite infestation at the early stages will prevent from the homeowner from costly termite eradication costs and repair damages. […]

Bed Bugs Remain Active in Winter

Reynolds Pest Management, Inc Discuss Winter Bed Bug Activity in Florida Regardless of the season in Florida one the main pests to be on the alert for are bed bugs. Bed bugs are a serious pest to have infest any home or building and require a massive amount of attention to eradicate. Feeding off blood […]

Florida’s Winter Season Pests

Reynolds Pest Management, Inc Explains Winter Loving Pests Regardless if Florida sees snowy conditions or just cooler weather, insects will still be a constant threat to homes and lawns. During the cooler weather that Florida will encounter this season, the many bugs that residents encounter have specific ways to stay alive during the temperature drops. […]

Annual Termite Inspections in Florida

Annual Termite Inspections in Florida by Reynolds Pest Management, Inc. Florida is a state of high humidity leading to high amounts of termite infestations in wooded structures and homes. Termites are extremely difficult to determine if they are active in the home or a structure. The best way to prevent your home from becoming attacked […]

Protecting your Turf Grass this Winter

Florida St. Augustine Susceptible to Fungus and Lawn Pests in Winter Months St. Augustine grass is a warm-season, quick-growing turf grass used abundantly in Florida. It grows best with well drained soils. This type of turf grass can easily be effected by cooler weather experienced in the state. A common occurrence with St. Augustine and […]

How to Prevent Holiday Pest Outbreaks

Reynolds Pest Management, Inc Helps Homeowners Prevent Pests and Rodents this Holiday Season The holiday season is not a time to be worrying about pests or rodents. The season about enjoying good times with family or friends and making memories.However, the colder weather typically leads to a pest or rodent infestation. Taking precautions before the […]

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