Avoid Bed Bugs while Traveling

Bed bug on wood

Bed bugs are awful pests to encounter! They can easily hitch a ride home with you when traveling. Eggs and also little hatchlings are unwittingly carried on individuals as well as their travel luggage around the globe. Next time your are traveling by bus, train or plane, keep in mind the possible threat of bed […]

What are No-See-Ums | Biology of Biting Midges

Photograph by Roxanne Connelly, Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory, University of Florida

What are No-See-Ums | Biology of Biting Midges There more than 4,000 varieties of attacking midgets in the Ceratopogonidae household, and also over 1,000 in merely one category, Culicoides. The circulation of midgets in the category Culicoides is worldwide; 47 types are recognized to happen in Florida. Types coming from the category Leptoconops happen in […]

Bed Bugs in South Florida


Dealing with bed bug attacks is only a tiny component of solving the problem, as the next action is in fact eliminating these undesirable site visitors. Those typically taking a trip to areas with an exotic environment are very susceptible to bed bug invasions, as the travel luggage they carry might become their brand-new house. […]

The Top 10 Termite Mistakes Made by Homeowners in Florida

Drywood termites

The Top 10 Termite Mistakes Made by Homeowners in Florida Termites. They’re hungry. And to them, your house is food. Is there anything you can do to stop them? Can you make your home less appetizing? More than 100 termite experts ─ with a combined 2,000 years of experience ─ say these are the top […]

Reynolds Pest Management, Inc Celebrates 24th Year in Business

pest control company

July 23rd, 2015 marks the 24th year in business for Reynolds Pest Management, Inc. As one of the leading pest control business it is a big day for the founder of the firm, Brian Reynolds and his boy Chris Reynolds which has grown up in his daddy’s company and also began as a service technician. […]

Lyme Disease | Deer Ticks

Encephalitis tick  Ticks on human skin. Ixodes ricinus can transmit both bacterial and viral pathogens such as the causative agents of Lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis.

Lyme Disease | Deer Ticks People usually overlook insect attacks thinking that the itching and the swelling will merely go away by itself. Not many would imagine that such a small tick could lead to serious health complications Lyme Disease Lyme disease, additionally called borreliosis, is a microbial infection obtained from tick attacks. Not all […]

Insect Bites in Summer season


Stinging Insects of Summer Months | Reynolds Pest Management, Inc. It is never ever enjoyable to be stung or bitten by any kind of pest or bug. This does occur frequently in summer months because of many individuals trying to get some time out in the outdoors. Insects sting or bite usually in defense however […]

Scorpions within Florida | Non-dangerous Yet A Big Nuisance


Florida Scorpions Florida is a state of many pests including Scorpions. Fortunately for residents, scorpions found throughout the state of Florida are not deadly. According to researchers at the University of Florida Extension Entomologists, out of the 1300 species worldwide there are only 90 species of scorpions located in the United States, only 3 of […]

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