6 Reasons to Consider Your First Attic Insulation Replacement

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insulation replacementHow often do you head up into the attic and take a peak around? If you’re like many people, it’s probably not that often.

If you use your attic for storage, then maybe you pop up, grab something, and get out as quickly as possible. That’s probably the best case scenario.

But when you’re up there, do you ever look at your insulation? If the answer is no, or, “insulation?” then it may be time to see if you need an insulation replacement.

Here are six reasons why it might be time to replace that insulation.

1. Inconsistent Temperatures

When you walk from room to room in your house, you expect a certain amount of consistency. The temperatures shouldn’t be noticeably different in different rooms.

But if you are noticing inconsistent room temperatures, that’s a sign you should get an insulation replacement. Examples could be a chilly living room or a bedroom that’s always too warm.

If your insulation is old or damaged, it won’t offer the same protection for your entire house. Insulation replacement will help regulate your temperature and even out those inconsistencies.

2. Utilities Going Up

Utilities are generally cyclical. In the winter your charges go up to heat the house. In the summer, you may experience another spike as you use your A/C.

If you live in a more temperate zone, maybe your costs stay fairly steady year round. Whatever the case, you roughly know what you pay each month. If those charges start increasing for the same usage, that could be a sign of bad insulation.

Insulation works by resisting heat flow. Heat will flow from a warmer to a cooler area until there isn’t a difference in temperature.

In the winter, you want to keep your house warmer than the outside environment. You do that by heating it, and insulation helps slow the transfer of heat to the outside of your house.

In the summer, it’s just the opposite. You don’t want that hot, oppressive air in your house. And insulation slows that heat transfer and helps keep your house cool.

Insulation that works well will regulate your house temperature. Damaged insulation can’t do that as well as insulation in good condition. That means you’ll be experiencing drafts or warmth which will kick on your heating or cooling system.

So keep an eye on your bills. Unusually high charges could be due to your insulation.

3. You’re Replacing Your Roof

You don’t always need an insulation replacement when you get a new roof. It depends on how your old roof was working. If there was significant damage or leaks, that could mean you need to replace the insulation.

If certain types of insulation get wet, they become useless. That’s because insulation relies on tiny pockets of air to work. The water fills those and destroys the insulation’s ability to keep out air.

It can also cause plenty of other problems, like mold. Moldy insulation is not only ineffective, but it can be dangerous to your health. So if you are getting your roof replaced, you should be sure to have your insulation examined.

You don’t want to get a new roof but keep your damaged insulation.

4. The Insulation Is Old

Remember when we asked how often you take a look in your attic? Chances are that if you don’t very often, the previous owners didn’t either. What that means is your insulation might be much older than you think.

The technology behind insulation has advanced over the years. So older homes may be using insulation that is less effective both because of its type and its age.

Your insulation might not be damaged, but if it’s too old, it won’t work properly. So how can you tell if your old insulation needs replacing? Put on a glove and head up to the attic.

Touch the insulation with your gloved hand and note what happens. It quickly crumbles away, then you need insulation replacement.

Getting new insulation is also the perfect time to make an environmentally friendly choice. There are now options for insulation made with recycled materials and natural ingredients.

5. You’ve Got Pests

Dry and fluffy insulation works well to keep your home at an even temperature. But it also tends to work well as a home for unwanted guests. Ants, cockroaches, and silverfish all like to make your insulation their home.

If you don’t normally go up into your attic, those pests can go unnoticed for some time. Once an infestation occurs, however, you’ll need your attic cleaned and the insulation replaced.

It’s not just bugs that like your insulation, though. Unfortunately, many critters like your insulation, too. Squirrels, mice, and even raccoons can make their home in it if you aren’t careful.

If your insulation has become home to bugs or critters, it’s definitely time to replace it. You’ll also need to take a look around the attic for the structural flaw that’s letting them in.

There’s no sense in getting replacement insulation, only to do it all again next year.

6. The Return on Investment

The last, and one of the best reasons to consider replacing your insulation, is the cost. No, not the cost of the insulation itself. We’re talking about the return on your investment.

Properly insulating your house can actually end up saving you money in the long run. Think about it–you’re lowering your heating and cooling bills significantly. And replacing moldy insulation can save you from water damage and health related costs.

Need Insulation Replacement?

If any of those six points apply to your attic insulation, then it’s probably time to get new insulation. If that sounds like a hassle, don’t worry. There are pros who can get you the insulation you need quickly and affordably.

If you’re in Florida, then give us a call at Reynolds Pest Management. Not only can we get rid of your pests, we can also install new, pest-resistant insulation.

Don’t wait any longer with bad insulation. Make the smart move for your wallet and your home and contact Reynolds today.

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