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molesMoles mostly cause minor damage in lawns. Sometimes, damage may occur by roots drying out as a result of their tunneling. Moles feed on the insects that cause damage to the lawn and plants. Moles do not eat the roots, or the plants.

If a lawn service or pest control technician is hired to trap nuisance animals, that person must have a Certified Pest Control Operator License in Lawn and Ornamental Pest Control or other special certification for commercial mole control.

If you have a mole problem in your yard and cannot tolerate their tunneling in your yard, we can provide you with a solution for control.

We know the telltale signs of mole presence and behavior. We know how to root them out. Once they’re gone, we can do a full evaluation and advise you on how to help prevent them from coming back.

Get Rid of Moles at Your Home or Business

Our professional team of mole removal experts can help you get rid of pesky moles at your home or business – for good. Call us today for an appointment for an evaluation on how to get rid of your mole problem. We’re here to help.

Why Hire Reynolds Pest Management?

When it comes to treating for moles we will give you a plan to prepare, and what to expect.

We use only the highest quality products for controlling moles for better results and safety.

We can give you references of other Mole jobs we have done.

We are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.

Finally, we are committed to providing a quick, affordable, and most importantly, effective solution to your pest problem, and we take every measure to protect your and your family’s safety throughout the process. Call Us Today!

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