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mice and rats

Rodent Control

Rat and Mice Prevention and Control Services in Florida

Unfortunately, not only are bugs and critters a big issue for homeowners in Florida, rats and mice are also a huge nuisance and cause homeowners much money in control and repair each year. In fact, one of the most requested service here in Florida is for the control or trapping of rats inside a home of building.

Rat trapping is not an easy task and should always be handled by a true rat control professional. Trapping rats can take much time and sometime up to a whole month to fully eliminate all rats or mice inside a home. Many times homeowners feel that they have completely eliminated any rats living in their home after catching several rats. A professional is capable of getting into the attic to access the current condition of the rodent outbreak. They can determine how long and how many traps will be needed. The rodent control specialist will also carefully remove the dead rats after they have been trapped. Removal of dead rodents is not pleasant and is recommended to be left to the professionals. By hiring a professional, you can also count of the rodent control company to advise as to if the roof and attic need to be sealed in order to keep the rats or mice from coming back. This is called a rodent exclusion service.

A professional rodent control company is the best choice in any type of rodent outbreaks.They can assess the rodent outbreak and determine the best approach in making your home rat free. Trapping and removal of the rats is not easy and is very filthy at times. A professional will know how and where to place traps in order to have the best results. Once the rats and mice are completely eliminated from the home, you technician can determine the access points in where the rodents are coming in from. A rodent Exclusions may be necessary in order to prevent the rodents from returning.

The damage from mice and rats and  are minimal compared to the health risks they cause. These diseased creatures can transmit salmonellosis (bacterial food poisoning), rat-bite fever, and many more dangerous diseases if they come in contact with anything humans can ingest. Mice can pass through any hole or crack as small as 1/4 inch. Getting these animals out without professional help is near impossible.

We are certified exterminators specializing in mice and rats control. Our professional team is committed to eliminating your problems and keeping you happy with our results.

After a full inspection of your home or environment we target your problems and evaluate the best way to solve them. Each technician is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to get any job of any size done right.

Eliminate mice and rats From Your Home or Business

Our licensed rodent control professionals will bring you the results you need with mice and rats problems. Call us today for an assessment of prevention against these pests.

Rat Control

Controlling Rats inside your Home and Attics

Discovering rats or mice inside your home or attic can be a frightening occurrence for the homeowner. Not many people can control and eliminate rats from a home without professional assistance from an experienced rodent controlling company. Florida homeowners encounter rodents inside their homes year long. The need for rat trapping and control services is very high throughout the state.

rodent control florida, florida rodent control, rat control Once the rats or mice are found within your home you will need to find where they are coming into your home from. Locating the entrances of rodents is a challenging task and is best performed by a professional who has years of experience in the procedure. Reynolds Pest techs will search the entire home, exteriors, roof, and attic for any entry points that a rat and mouse can find. Our company will provide you with a guaranteed rodent exclusion service.

Rodent Exclusion Services in Florida

A rodent exclusion is the procedure of trapping rats, eliminating them from your home, and sealing all entry points that lead into the home. Rats and mice search for the small entry points and make their way inside your home. Rodents breed very quickly and before you know you may have a rodent infestation, they may have had several litters of rodents now running around in your attic.

The home must be completely sealed and all rats or mice must be trapped in order to solve the rodent infestation problem you are encountering.

Once your home is rodent free you are left with a messy attic, damaged areas within your home, contaminated mice outbreak, mice in the house, rats in house, rats in atticsurfaces including attic insulation. Rats and mice are filthy critters and can lead to serious health problems during and after an infestation.

Attic Cleaning after Rat Outbreaks

After you have the rats and mice out of your home or attic you should sanitize the home and attic. Sanitizing an attic is very extensive and requires use of special equipment and products. These products and equipment are utilized by Reynolds Pest for attic cleaning and attic sanitizing services.

attic cleaning florida, rodent cleaning, rat cleaning, cleaning rat outbreakYour attic can look even better than before your rodent infestation with the help of Reynolds Pest. Our crew can remove the contaminated insulation and replace it with a top quality cellulose insulation that can help decrease your electric bill! Contaminated attic insulation is typically ruined with urine and feces from the rodents that lived in the attic. This should be discarded and replaced. Reynolds Pest is one of the ONLY pest control companies licensed to remove contaminated insulation and replace it with fresh new insulation as well as performing the attic rodent exclusion services.


Insulation Replacement

A professional rodent control expert that handled the rodent control service can help you determine if your attic insulation has been damaged or contaminated. This is why hiring a professional is vital in dealing with rats. If your attic insulation is damaged or has become contaminated with rodent urine or feces, it should be removed and replaced. At Reynolds Pest we are capable of providing homeowners with the complete rodent control services including the removal of damaged insulation and the replacement of new quality insulation.

Save time and money with Reynolds Pest Management, Inc, Call Today for more details (844) 326-3100!

We are here to serve you with the best quality of service. Call us if you suspect, or want to prevent a mice and rats problem.

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