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Fire ant mounds are commonly seen throughout Florida. They mound is easily identified by its sandy appearance and size. Residents can easily claim a fire ant infestation to be the biggest nuisance and hazard they may encounter.

The fire ants are most commonly associated with their stings and painful sores they leave behind on your body. A fire ant will sting you when felt there is disturbance to themselves and their colonies. A mound of a fire ant is easily found in a yard, sidewalks, or underneath organic debris such as logs. Average size of a fire ant mound is 1 ½ – 2 feet tall. In an infested acre of land, the population may be from 7-40 million ants depending on the type of colony.

There are two kinds of fire ant colonies; single queen colonies, and multiple queen colonies. The multiple queen colonies are the largest because there are more than one queen birthing new fire ants. The single queen colony is the most aggressive due to their territorial characteristics. They will not migrate to new mounds, they will defend themselves. The colonies with multiple queens travel moving to new mounds.

Protection for all Fire Ant Types

Fire ants seem to be the biggest concern to residents of Florida. Reynolds Pest is capable of providing you with a custom fire ant protection plan that can rid your surrounding of fire ants and it is guaranteed to work. Also available to you is the lawn-green up program which is a fertilization treatment plan to your lawn, trees, or shrubs. This is a great program to accompany the fire ant plan.


Rid Your Yard of Fire Ants

Residents of Florida have relied on Reynolds Pest since 1991, to eliminate their pest infestation and keep them from returning.

It is rear to hear someone say they have never had an infestation in Florida, keep yourself safe from pests. Here’s a list of a few other pests we encounter in Rocky Point:

* Carpenter Ants
* Spiders
* Ticks
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About Rocky Point:

Rocky Point is in the southern part of Martin County, it is a small community located just off the Saint Lucie Inlet in Florida. A fishing village originally, Rocky Point is now a residential neighborhood with access to docks, marinas and launch ramps.

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