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Florida’s most common nuisance is the red imported fire ant. This pest should be avoided at all times due to their aggressive manner and painful stings they deliver when disturbed. The fire ants make up two kinds of colonies. They can either be a single queen colony or a multiple queen colony.

The size of a mound makes the fire ant much more dangerous and more of a challenge to eradicate. Reynolds Pest recommended hiring a professional to take on the job of removing the mounds in your yard. If you are unsure if you have fire ants, contact Reynolds Pest for a free evaluation Today!

Fire Ant Type

A single queen colony is the most aggressive and very territorial. They will not migrate, they defend their mounds. If a one acre of land was infested by this type of fire ant colony there can be a population of up to 7 million ants!

The multiple queen colonies of fire ants migrate from mound to mound. They are less territorial but still very defensive when it come to protecting the queen and larvae. They can reach a population of nearly 40 million on one acre of land.

Reynolds Pest offers many customized pest programs but the most common is the fire ant treatment program. This program will guarantee a resident a fire ant free yard! Many customers also praise the fertilization programs that Reynolds Pest offers. Call Today to receive your no obligation Estimate!


Rid Your Yard of Fire Ants

Regardless if you may have fire ants infesting your lawn or would like to keep safe from them, You can always count on Reynolds Pest to keep you safe from Fire Ants!

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About Port St. Lucie:

Port Saint Lucie was a largely uninhabited tract of land south of White City, Florida in the 1950s, composed of a fishing camp, a few farms and businesses near US 1. In 1958, with a budget of $50 million, the General Development Corporation (GDC) purchased the River Park development and 40,000 acres along the North Fork of the St. Lucie River. In 1959, the GDC opened its first bridge over the St. Lucie River, allowing for direct automobile access to Port St. Lucie. In 1970, the area had only 330 residents.

The population of Port St. Lucie was 88,769 at the 2000 census but grew rapidly during the 2000s. In 2009 the State of Florida estimated the City’s population is at 155,251.

Port St. Lucie, “A City for All Ages”, has many facilities and resources to offer.

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