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Scorpions do exist in Florida and are considered a minor pest. Luckily we do not have an abundance of scorpions running around. But, if you have them in your home that is a major problem. The amount of residents who contact a pest control company in search of control for the scorpions is not a great number. However, they do exist and we should be familiar with what they are and their behaviors in case you may encounter one.

Researchers at the University of Florida claim that the scorpions found throughout Florida are not capable of providing fatal stings. Many species of scorpions exist in the world that are extremely dangerous and deadly to humans. In fact, they do claim that if you were to encounter a highly venomous scorpion capable of a fatal sting, it at one point was an exotic pet either released or escaped. There are only 90 species of scorpions found in the US and 1,300 total worldwide. Only one out of the 90 inhabiting the US is capable of fatal stings and it typically is only found in the southwest.  There are only 4 reported species found east of the Mississippi River!

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Identifying a scorpion is not a challenging task. They resemble a lobster or crab according to many residents who have had encounters. They vary in sizes; typical scorpions are from 1 to 4 inches. Most scorpions are dark brown in color and have flattened bodies. Scorpions have a total of 10 legs; the front pair of legs has evolved into a pair of claw like legs or pincers which allow the scorpions to hold their prey in place.

Scorpion venom attacks the nerves in the human or animal. If the scorpion is a non-lethal species, the sting will be somewhat more painful than a wasp sting. The site at where the scorpion has stung the victim, the area of the skin will become swollen and red. It is common for individuals to show signs of an allergic reaction or have symptoms dangerous to their health. Because of this, it is highly recommended to seek medical attention at any time you have been stung by a scorpion to be sure your body reacts fine to the venom. At the signs of a bad or allergic reaction you are in need of an antivenin.

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University of Florida Entomologist Lyle Buss deals daily with Florida’s scorpions and has much expertise in the pest.  He claims Florida has only 3 inhabited species of scorpions. The first and largest of the 3 scorpion species is called the “slender brown scorpion” , (Centruroides gracilis). One of the most commonly encounter scorpion Florida is also the smallest, this scorpion is the “Hentz Striped Scorpion”, (C. hentzi). This being the most seen and controlled species, it is found all over Florida except the southern Keys. The third Florida Scorpion is the “Guiana Striped scorpion” (C. guianensis), which is strictly found in Southern Florida including Monroe, Miami-Dade, and Collier counties.

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Scorpions search for harborage areas outdoors under nearly any type of object. Newly built homes experience much nuisance from scorpions; they find homes in the unfinished house including wall voids, construction materials, or loose boards.  Scorpions are known to be active at nigh much like roaches. It has been discovered that they actually glow in the dark naturally! Black lights are great tools to use to inspect for the pest.

Regardless if the scorpions in Florida are capable of producing a fatal sting or not, they should be avoided and not handled by an un-professional who is experienced in handling these pests. They will sting you and it is recommended to seek medical attention to ensure your safety and health. If you notice scorpions indoors or in your yards, contact your local pest control company to carefully remove these creatures from your environment.

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